First Trailer for Fatal Future!

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the cyber-water, here comes the cyberpunk romance thriller to end all cyberpunk romance thrillers! Here’s our intro to the film per our Facebook page and, of course, the trailer:

From writer/producer/director/actor/philanthropist Mitch Kean, comes the greatest film you’re ever going to see, period. This cyberpunk epic, shot on location in Las Vegas, NV, will push you the limit of thrills and excitement, with cutting edge graphics and the best actors independent cinema has to offer. This is a film that definitely, 100% cannot be overhyped.

Inspired by the work of cinematic auteur Neil Breen, this follows the story of hacker and patriot MC Dalton as he takes on the Corporation and the Bank to protect his country and the wife he thought was long dead. What follows is a deep, introspective look into what technology and capitalism has done and will continue to do to the American dream… and how we can control it.

This is the FUTURE. This is FATAL FUTURE.

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